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what is inky editing?



Inky Editing is a freelance editorial service, providing developmental, copyediting, and proofreading for aspiring fiction authors. With the self-publishing industry booming, and many novels lacking sales due to poor editing, hiring an editor can launch your next book to the heights it deserves.

I specialise in Fantasy, Young Adult, and Sci Fi, however all fiction and nonfiction is welcome. At Inky Editing, we value making an author's dream become a reality, and that includes opening our doors to those who knock.

Simply submit any enquiries to, or directly from the contact page.



why you should hire a freelancer


i want to self-publish

Self-publishing has been a massive success, with thousands of new books uploaded to Amazon every day. Self-publishing has become more socially acceptable in the publishing industry, and with that rising popularity comes higher standards from readers. Many self-published authors will tell you that professional editing is a must, as readers will not purchase a book if the reviews criticise it for typos and inconsistencies.

It's not just readers you need to impress either. While it's still rare, traditional publishing houses have had a history of printing self-published books and putting them into bookstores. 

When you have your manuscript professionally edited, you are doubling your chances of earning those sweet sweet royalties.

i want to tradtionally publish

Choosing a freelancer for traditional publishing is not completely necessary, not like it is for self-publishing. Since you will go through a whole editing phase with the publisher's editor, a freelancer isn't a must-have. 

However it's not uncommon for an author to seek out a freelancer and work on their story a little bit more before they are ready to send it off for submissions. Making a good impression is everything in the publishing world, and even moreso in the traditional sphere. 

Ultimately it's up to you whether you want to get some extra editing on your manuscript or not when going the traditional publication route. 

i just want to wrtie!

Hey, me too! But if you're not interested in either publishing routes yet, hiring a freelance editor can be a great way to practice and build your craft. 



...Should a publisher ask me for money?


NO! Legitimate publishing houses never charge the author, they will pay for everything. This is why publishers take a cut of an author's royalties. They make an agreement that they will produce, print, and distribute your book, in exchange for a percentage of royalties. 

If a 'publisher' is asking you to foot the bill for all the expenses attached to publishing, they are vanity presses. While the businesses are not illegal, they are considered ethically immoral amongst the community. Money should always flow to the author in traditional publishing. If you are ever contacted by a vanity press, run away! 



rates and services


Word Count Rates

At Inky Editing, I prefer to handle my fees by a per-word basis, rather than per-hour. I personally feel it helps the author more, so they know exactly how much they'll be paying, compared to waiting for the next per-hour invoice. 

Please note that if I receive a manuscript that is not completed (as in, it is still being written), I will default to my standard $25.00 per hour rate. 

I don't separate my developmental and copyediting with different rates, they all charge the same. However please see my rates for proofreading as they will differ. 

To see where your manuscript falls under a word-count rate, please read below. 
Novels, 50,000+ words = 1 cent per word
Novellas, 30,000 word maximum = 2 cents per word
Short stories, 10,000 word maximum = 3 cents per word

Free 1,000 word sample

Though it's popular belief that editing is a very 'right vs. wrong' task, it's often the opposite. Editing is subjective! The English language is complicated, and it often breaks its own rules. A good editor can help you spot where something in the writing is subjectively correct, or objectively wrong. 

This is why 1,000 word free sample edits are fantastic. It gives you, the author, a tase of how I work as an editor, and allows you to see if we're a good match for each other. Once you've received your sample you can then decide if you would like to continue with a full edit. 


Proofreading is a quicker editing phase, as it is mostly only catching typos, extra or missing spaces, and occasional spelling errors. In the traditional publishing world, proofreading is the last stage of editing before the manuscript is ready to head off for designs. Essentially it's a relatively clean manuscript, with minimal markups. 

Proofreading is much quicker because of this, so I halve my normal rates for any proofreading. See below for the rates that correspond with your manuscript. 
Novels = 0.5 cents per word
Novellas = 1 cent per word
Short stories = 1.5 cents per word



developmental editing

Developmental editing, also known as structural editing, is about the story itself. Are the characters well-developed? Are some lagging behind? Is a side character overpowering the main protagonist? Are there any scenes that could be removed, or swapped around in the timeline? Are there any scenes that this story would benefit from? Are there any plot holes? Is the narration head-hopping? Is the tense moving from past to present? These are the kinds of questions editors ask themselves when they are doing a developmental edit, and will provide comments or suggestions for any things they notice. 

manuscript assessment

Manuscript assessments are useful things for authors. Editors don't make any markup or changes to the manuscript, but rather read through the whole thing, and then write up in-depth feedback on the state of the manuscript. They will provide information as to what the manuscript is lacking and needs improvement on, and what the manuscript is doing well in. 

My manuscript assessment rates are as follows:
Novels = $300
Novellas = $200
Short Stories = $100




Copyediting, also known as line editing, is getting into the details of the writing. Is a sentence too long? Is the grammar use correct? Is the wording used understandable for the reader? 

Punctuation, spelling, and grammar is what copyediting is all about, and what most people think of when they hear 'editor.'

50 for $250

Editing is expensive, and not everyone can afford a full edit, so I have created the 50 for $250 package deal. This package includes development, copyediting, and proofreading for the first 50 pages of your manuscript. 

Why 50 pages? In a traditional publishing house, editors will typically only read the first 30-50 pages before deciding if they want to pursue the manuscript further. Time is more valuable than gold to in-house editors, and if your story stands out amongst the sea of unsolicited manuscripts, it gives you a bit of an edge. 

If you're taking the self publishing path, or just someone who would like some beginning feedback and experience with an editor, the 50 for $250 deal provides a nice middle ground. You'll have 50 pages of full edits, and enough feedback to help you with the rest of your manuscript.  







“Madelaine was amazing to work with. She was incredibly quick to respond to emails and questions, even with the large time differences between us.
Her edits were detailed and focused, with numerous examples of how to fix various issues. All of the feedback truly gave me guidance on how to improve my writing.
Even after I received the edited document, she was open to additional questions to ensure I fully understood the edits. I would absolutely work with her again on any works that I need edited.”
– Frank, author of original short stories.

“Madelaine’s tremendous work speaks for itself. Having received rates from other copyeditors in the past, I was utterly shocked by Inky Editing’s 50 for 250 offer. Surely such a good deal would come with all sorts of strings attached. 
However, Madelaine was extremely punctual and responsive, and within a few weeks I had a returned manuscript, thick with valuable insight. The copyediting is excellent, but Madelaine really shines in her developmental editing, something for which many others charge an arm and a leg. Her comments were meticulous and well-sculpted. She was able to catch plot holes and inconsistencies that a dozen of my readers could not. 
Overall, I plan on working with her extensively in the future. In fact, I look forward to it.”
– Alexander, author of When the Day Dawns Dark

“Madelaine was very easy to work with, and gave back a comprehensive set of notes and corrections on my story, including a decent chunk of good developmental guidance. Very pleased!”
– Richard, author of Hook, Line, and Sinker





If you have any queries, please put your details down below. I will respond to you as soon as possible.