why you should hire a freelancer


i want to self-publish

Self-publishing has been a massive success, with thousands of new books uploaded to Amazon every day. Self-publishing has become more socially acceptable in the publishing industry, and with that rising popularity comes higher standards from readers. Many self-published authors will tell you that professional editing is a must, as readers will not purchase a book if the reviews criticise it for typos and inconsistencies.

It's not just readers you need to impress either. While it's still rare, traditional publishing houses have had a history of printing self-published books and putting them into bookstores. 

When you have your manuscript professionally edited, you are doubling your chances of earning those sweet sweet royalties.

i want to tradtionally publish

Choosing a freelancer for traditional publishing is not completely necessary, not like it is for self-publishing. Since you will go through a whole editing phase with the publisher's editor, a freelancer isn't a must-have. 

However it's not uncommon for an author to seek out a freelancer and work on their story a little bit more before they are ready to send it off for submissions. Making a good impression is everything in the publishing world, and even moreso in the traditional sphere. 

Ultimately it's up to you whether you want to get some extra editing on your manuscript or not when going the traditional publication route. 

i just want to wrtie!

Hey, me too! But if you're not interested in either publishing routes yet, hiring a freelance editor can be a great way to practice and build your craft.